Friends of Redgate

What is the Friend of Redgate program?

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The Friends of Redgate program is aimed at active and influential community members (such as popular blog writers and community site owners) as well as SQL, .NET, and ALM MVPs who'd like to be on the inside track with new Redgate products and prototypes. They have clear ideas and opinions about the technologies they work with, and know Redgate and our products.

Why did we start the program?

At Redgate, we think our relationship with the technical community is incredibly important, so we created the Friends of Redgate program to show our respect for passionate and prominent members of the communities we work closely with.

How do you benefit from the program?

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The program lets you use and review Redgate's tools through the provision of NFR licenses. Through this, you get to know our products' capabilities, and are more able to help others within the community whose problems we could solve.

In return, we provide you with regular updates on upcoming Redgate releases, and often ask for feedback and input on new products and new versions of existing products. We also give our Friends the opportunity to speak on our behalf at conferences and user group meetings, and to collaborate with our dev teams on articles and blog posts.

Want more information?

The Friends of Redgate Program is a yearly initiative. The application process kicks off in early January. For further information, ask a Friend of Redgate or a Redgater to recommend you to us. If you have any other questions, you can also drop us a line at If you're in time for the 2015 application process, we'll send you our survey to fill out. If you’re not, we'll put you on the waiting list for 2016.

Snaps of some of our Friends of Redgate and the team

Ike Ellis & Carly

Mickey Stuewe, Sebastian Meine, & Carly

Friends of Redgate and the team having dinner at PASS 2014

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