The 2020 State of Database Monitoring in Healthcare

The third annual survey on the State of Database Monitoring was launched in April 2020 during the global pandemic. Despite this, it received the highest number of submissions ever, and the findings provide new insights into how nearly 1,000 database professionals across all industry sectors manage their estates.

In most sectors, for example, staffing and recruitment is the second biggest challenge this year, with hiring freezes and remote working as a result of the pandemic hindering the way organizations manage staff and recruit new team members.

But what about the Healthcare sector? One of the those that has faced the biggest challenges of any other in these current times? This special edition of the Report focuses on the responses from Healthcare professionals and provides an at-a-glance comparison with other sectors.

In doing so, it highlights the particular challenges – and opportunities – that have emerged, and shows how the sector has fared.

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