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The database DevOps magazine from Redgate Software explores how – and why – application and database development can both make the most of DevOps.

These are interesting times. The recent State of Database DevOps Report revealed that 80% of companies will have adopted DevOps in two years, and 75% of developers are responsible for both database and application development.

Visual Studio 2017 launched on March 7, and the Enterprise Edition integrates Redgate Data Tools in the installer, giving users the opportunity to introduce DevOps practices for the database alongside the application.

DevOps is going mainstream, and the database is being seen as a natural part of DevOps rather than a blocker to the process.

That’s quite a change and it’s where Shift LEFT comes in. Redgate and many of our partners are actively researching, writing about – and doing – database DevOps. This is the place where you can find out what’s been happening, and catch up in one publication, in one place, all of the latest news.

Get the free magazine. If you’re not doing database DevOps now, chances are you will be doing it soon.

Matt Hilbert

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