The ROI of Compliant Database DevOps

The business benefits to be gained,
the $ value waiting to be realized

With DevOps moving into the mainstream and more and more companies adopting it, the spotlight is turning to the database. If this last blocker in the process can be included, changes can be delivered faster, and errors when those changes are deployed can be avoided and, importantly, compliance with data protection regulations can be introduced by default.

That's the promise, but it involves introducing new tools, and many companies and organizations naturally want to know what the return on investment in those tools will be, with facts and figures that demonstrate what they will gain.

That could be a value-driven benefit – for example, unlocking the investment in development earlier by releasing to market faster, thereby realizing competitive advantage sooner.

Or it could be a cost-driven saving, in terms of the $ value of the hours of effort saved compared to traditional processes.

This whitepaper reveals the benefits, and demonstrates how their appeal changes when viewed from the perspective of a CEO, a CIO, or an IT manager.

It then uses industry averages to provide a method of calculating the ROI of Compliant Database DevOps, and shows working examples of the ROI of introducing DevOps practices across the different stages of the database development and deployment process.

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Compliant Database DevOps

Redgate's Compliant Database DevOps solution gives you an end-to-end framework for extending DevOps to your database while complying with regulations and protecting your data.

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