The 2020 State of Database DevOps

Special ANZ Insights Edition

The findings from this vital report will help any team who is interested in adopting or improving their approach to database DevOps, no matter the platform they choose to work on.

Now in its fourth year, the State of Database DevOps Report has become the resource IT and database professionals turn to for the latest facts, figures and trends about how DevOps is transforming database development.

Just as there are differences between industry sectors that affect how DevOps for the application and the database are implemented, so there are also variations by region.

To give businesses in Australia and New Zealand a deeper understanding of the particular challenges they face, this special ANZ Insights Edition of the 2020 Database DevOps Report presents a deep dive into the survey data from local respondents.

It highlights the differences – and similarities – that exist for businesses in ANZ compared to the rest of the world, and gives a valuable steer on where they should focus their digital transformation initiatives.

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Webinar: Key findings from the 2020 State of Database DevOps report
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"Our key consideration for all activities is risk management. If our systems go down it costs ABSA a lot of money very quickly"