Redgate listed as an innovator in the 2019 Market Update for Test Data Management

Bloor has published its 2019 Market Update for Test Data Management. You can use this guide to understand the key capabilities offered by vendors in this market, including Redgate.

Highlights from the report

Data virtualization has advantages over other methods of test data management.

The Bloor Analyst says, "with data virtualisation, you never have to worry whether your test dataset is representative, because it consists of your entire dataset." And "[virtual database copies are] incredibly lightweight and easy to move around. This makes it much easier to distribute your test data."

A test data provisioning approach helps to prevent test data from becoming a bottleneck.

The Bloor Analyst says, "we also see an increased emphasis on test data provisioning, as opposed to merely test data management. This is likely due to continued interest in DevOps practices, as well as Agile and continuous testing". And notes that "test data provisioning particularly benefits from a data virtualisation capability".

Growth in data privacy regulations see test data management extended to data security and compliance

The Bloor Analyst says, "Sensitive data is of extreme importance right now, thanks to GDPR as well as upcoming regulations. This has produced a great deal of interest in the data security space, and this has had a knock-on effect on test data management and particularly data masking."

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"SQL Provision provides a complete test data management solution."

Bloor InBrief: Redgate SQL Provision

Redgate is listed as an innovator in the Bloor 2019 Market Update on Test Data Management, and achieves the highest score for test data provisioning. Alongside this report, Bloor has published an InBrief on Redgate SQL Provision. The following is a snippet from the review:

"SQL Provision is Redgate’s solution for (compliant) test data management. It consists of two products: Data Masker and SQL Clone. Together, they allow you to create and distribute masked, production-like copies of your data wherever it is required, principally for development and testing. purposes. In this way, SQL Provision provides a complete test data management solution."

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