The Redgate Guide to Working with a Personal Assistant

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by Lottie Mackintosh

A truly effective assistant knows their manager’s priorities, concerns and responsibilities as well as they do themselves. They know how to make their manager more effective, and how to help them add value. They work alongside their manager as part of a tight-knit, high-functioning team, sharing a single purpose and workload. Of all teams, of all working relationships, I believe this one has the capacity to be the most transformative for a business.

Unfortunately, you can’t just hire an assistant and become an effective team overnight. Even the most experienced assistants will need time to develop an understanding of how you work, and of how you can get the most from them. They can’t do this on their own – you need to help them. This is just what many managers don’t know how to do.

My intention is that this book will provide you with tangible and realistic steps towards forming a great and effective relationship with your personal assistant. Follow the advice of the Redgate team and over time you’ll build an understanding of one another’s strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll co-evolve into a fantastically effective pairing.

Best of luck!

Lottie Mackintosh


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