The future of DevOps for the database

The move towards practicing DevOps and micro-services architecture is gathering pace. The development and deployment of application code is faster today than it's ever been. The database is fast becomming the bottleneck. But there's more at stake with a database deployment. We're developing technology to help the speed and safety of database development and deployment rival the application code.

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Help us create something that meets your DevOps requirements. We're currently looking into four areas:


  • Containers are rapidly gaining adoption in the world of application code. It's easy to gather all the application code, along with all the dependencies, all except the database. We're interested in understanding how we can make the database part of that story too.


  • When development teams grow, so do the opportunities for conflicting database changes to be made. We're interested in helping ease the pain of unpicking deployment scripts in order to ensure changes don't conflict, are deployed in the right order and safely.


  • A lot of testing still happens manually, and sometimes it's wrapped up in testing other components (such as the user interface). We're interested in hearing more about requirements for testing databse changes to the same degree as application code.


  • We want to talk to you about your strategies and action plans for the scenario where a deployment goes wrong.