Supporting Women in Technology

We make a special effort in March to acknowledge the accomplishments of women. Women have been making gains in many professions over the past several decades but are still underrepresented in technology. There are several hypotheses about why this is the case, but often women find they are not welcome in the “brogrammer” cultures of … Read more

Scripting the Description of Database Tables Using Extended Properties

Stored procedures, for example, are very easy to document. The comment block at the beginning stays with the code and a CREATE or ALTER script contains everything to reproduce the proc. SQL Server tables, however, are more difficult to document. You can use Extended Properties to document columns and constraints, but working with Extended Properties is difficult at best. Phil Factor demonstrates ways to easily add Extended Properties to your build scripts. … Read more

Why You Need a Time-Management Strategy

Time management is simply the ability to plan how and where you spend your time throughout the work day.  When you have a proper time management strategy in place, you will be more productive, enjoy your work more and have less stress.  The process of implementing time management is really quite simple; it’s all about … Read more