Introducing the Unity Job System

Performance is important to video game players. If a game is slow, the player may experience unintended difficulties in timing, positioning, and much more. Unity added a job system with the 2018.1 update which allows multithreaded code which can improve performance. In this article, Lance Talbert walks you through using the new job system.… Read more

Security, Compliance, Data Ethics, and Breaking the “Not My Job” Mindset

Security, compliance, and data ethics are related concepts that everyone who works with software should know about, from the help desk to the C-level office… but almost everyone thinks that worrying about these things is someone else’s problem. As data breaches become increasingly common and data privacy regulations pass in more regions, there are increasing … Read more

Giving Back to the Tech Community

Most of us haven’t learned everything we know about technology from books or classes. Instead, when things go wrong, a quick search on Google or Bing typically brings up possible solutions from others who have experienced the same problem. I often wonder about that unfortunate guy who is the first to tackle a difficult issue. … Read more

Automation and Work

I recently took two of my grandchildren to a McDonald’s restaurant for some lunch. We were greeted by a young woman with a big smile on her face asking if she could show us how to use the new kiosk to place our order. My first thought is that she must have been instructed by … Read more