Ryan Booz

Ryan is an Advocate at Redgate focusing on PostgreSQL. Ryan has been working as a PostgreSQL advocate, developer, DBA and product manager for more than 20 years, primarily working with time-series data on PostgreSQL and the Microsoft Data Platform. Ryan is a long-time DBA, starting with MySQL and Postgres in the late 90s. He spent more than 15 years working with SQL Server before returning to PostgreSQL full-time in 2018. He’s at the top of his game when he's learning something new about the data platform or teaching others about the technology he loves.

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19 January 2023
19 January 2023

PostgreSQL Basics: Roles and Privileges

Information security, whether in databases, applications, or larger IT systems, is based on the principles of Authentication and Authorization, often referred to as AuthN and AuthZ respectively. Likewise, PostgreSQL security involves creating roles that allow access to server resources (AuthN) and then granting privileges to database objects appropriately (AuthZ). Understanding how each of these components work together is essential to effectively manage security in a PostgreSQL cluster.… Read more