Giving Feedback on Microsoft Data Platform Tools

As a data professional, there is a set of tools that you use on pretty much a daily basis. Before I started as the editor of Simple-Talk, there were two Microsoft tools I used every day of the work week, and also for my hobby work: SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools). I wrote a lot of T-SQL and a lot of SSIS packages. Add in some VS Code for writing PowerShell and I was set.)

Sometimes, you just feel like you need to give feedback to the people who write these tools and say: “Could you do this?” and “Could you do that?” I have been lucky, in that I have been able to go to conferences in my career and suggest some things to the teams who create the tools, sometimes private ones like the MVP Summit, but there are plenty of others such as the PASS Data Community Summit (Full disclosure: Redgate owns and runs this conference), SQL Bits, Microsoft Fabric Community Conference, and then various SQL Saturdays, Data Saturdays, etc, etc. If you attend any of these events, you are likely to meet and talk to one of the people that works on the Microsoft data platform tools.

If you have a decent idea, and a decent use case for the tool, at the end (and possible middle) or every single conversation, the people you meet there will say the same thing, “be sure and leave that feedback on one of the online forms”. I mean, they may use slightly different phrasing, but there is always a bit of homework for you to go write it down and provide as much detail as you reasonably can!

So where are the links?

If you are like me, you forget where to give that feedback, even if the primary feedback location is simple to remember. So here is a list for you to reference. Bookmark this page and the next time you get a great idea to add to SSMS, you will know exactly where to take it!

Note, for the Github based links, you can leave bug feedback under Issues, and Discussion for anything else.

If you have feedback for the various relational engines and platforms, note that the SSMS link isn’t just for SSMS from the site, it notes it is for: “This forum includes the Database Engine, MDS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, and Azure Arc-enabled SQL Server.” A lot more than just SSMS can be addressed here: .