Joe Celko

Joe Celko is one of the most widely read of all writers about SQL, and was the winner of the DBMS Magazine Reader's Choice Award four consecutive years. He is an independent consultant living in Austin, TX. He has taught SQL in the US, UK, the Nordic countries, South America and Africa.
He served 10 years on ANSI/ISO SQL Standards Committee and contributed to the SQL-89 and SQL-92 Standards.
He has written over 800 columns in the computer trade and academic press, mostly dealing with data and databases. He is the author of eight books on SQL for Morgan-Kaufmann, including the best selling SQL FOR SMARTIES.
Joe is a well-known figure on Newsgroups and Forums, and he is famous for his his dry wit. He is also interested in Science Fiction.

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09 November 2023
09 November 2023

The NTILE Function

The SQL NTILE() is a window function that allows you to break a table into a specified number of approximately equal groups, or <bucket count>. For each row in a grouping, the NTILE() function assigns a bucket number representing the group to which the row belong starting at one. The syntax of the NTILE() function … Read more
10 July 2023
10 July 2023

The GROUP BY Clause

When you’re learning SQL DML, the most complicated clause is typically the GROUP BY. It’s a fairly simple grouping based on values from the FROM clause in a SELECT statement. It’s what a mathematician would call an equivalence relation. This means that each grouping, or equivalence class, has the same value for a given characteristic … Read more