Speaking at SQL Saturday Memphis on October 6

There are several SQL Saturday events I have attended every event that has existed. Louisville, Nashville, Chattanooga (didn’t speak one of the years), and (I am pretty sure) Birmingham. On October 6, I will add one more to this list. The inaugural SQL Saturday Memphis! Having lived in Nashville for 20 or so years before … Read more

Teaching a Database Design and Implementation Class in Orlando 9-13

Thanks to Andy Warren (@sqlandy), on Thursday, September 13, I will be in Orlando, FL teaching an all-day seminar on the process of designing and implementing a relational database, entitled “Constructing a SQL Server Database.” Throughout the following 7 modules, we will make some requirements, model the database, create tables, with foreign keys, check constraints, … Read more

Spoofing Data Convincingly: Credit Cards

I haven’t seen a SQL Server table with real unencrypted credit card numbers for several years, and I don’t know of any good reasons to have them stored that way. However, I’ve needed them in the past for testing a web application that had to take credit card details. Generating credit cards in a way … Read more

I’m presenting this year

This year I decided that I wanted to give more back to the community in the way of sharing my (limited) knowledge.  The first thing I did was talk to the folks at Redgate and started blogging.  I haven’t presented a session for a while because I’m usually too busy organising events but I decided … Read more

T-SQL Tuesday #104: Code You Would Hate To Live Without (Relative Positioning in Date Table)

Today’s blog post is in response to Bert Wagner’s invitation here: https://bertwagner.com/2018/07/03/code-youd-hate-to-live-without-t-sql-tuesday-104-invitation/. For me, the answer was pretty simple. There is one piece of code that I have written that I find very useful, and even more… it was my (as far as I know, my own idea!)  In my life, I have obviously learned a … Read more

Is this a ‘new dawn’ for the data catalog?

How should you store the information you need to understand the information in your relational databases? Or rather, how should you store the information your new developers need, that your compliance team requires, that your business wants? With extended properties, Microsoft gave us a mechanism in SQL Server to add metadata to database objects. Extended … Read more