Migrating from OCS 2007 R2 to Lync: Part 2

In the story so far, Johan has described how to check that the migration from your OCS to Lync is supported and how to determine the requirements for the new installation This was followed by a walk-through of the preparation the Active Directory and installation of the first Lync Front End Server with a Mediation Server co-located. Now Johan tackles the merging the OCS configuration, and connection to the outsode world, followed by testing, performing and then validating the migration. … Read more

Office365 and Lync Online

Having gotten us up and running with the basics of Office365, Jaap Wesselius now dives deeper, walking us through the setup process for Lync Online, the Office365 component which provides cloud-based Unified Communications. He even shows us how to integrate it with our on-premises systems in quick, easy steps.… Read more

A look at Microsoft Lync 2010

Lync manages office communications such as voice calls, video calls, instant messages, meetings, and shared whiteboard sessions all from a single interface. If this sounds like OCS, then you're right, it is the new improved version. Johan explains the background, why it is better, and how you can get started with it. … Read more

An Introduction to Unified Messaging

For many years, everyone involved in the administration of offices has wished that there was a way of combining the voicemail, fax, the PBX with the Exchange Email system, particularly for highly mobile users. . With Exchange Server 2007, this has now become a reality. Even though it forces the Exchange Administrator to become familiar with telephony, the benefits are such that it is well worth the effort.… Read more