Migrate to Office 365

If you are using Exchange Server 2003, it is worth considering a move to Office 365 instead of Exchange 2012. If you have business reasons to do so, it is possible to use the migration tool to switch over from an 'on-premises' Exchange-hosted mail service to a cloud-based Office 365 service. Jaap walks through the steps for a relatively small corporation..… Read more

Creating and Configuring a Custom Offline Address book with Web-Based Distribution in Exchange 2010 Using PowerShell

The offline address-book (OAB) of Exchange is available when the user is not connected, Since Exchange 2007, it is updated via a Web-based distribution point. But what if you need to set up several Offline address-books for a variety of sites or geographical regions, each to be distributed by a different point? How would you do that? Krishna demonstrates.… Read more

Migrating to Microsoft BPOS – Part II

In his last article, Johan gave us a crystal clear guide to preparing to migrate from an on-premises Exchange environment to a Cloud-based BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) environment. With the preparations complete, he now walks us through the final steps of the migration, and correctly configuring the environment.… Read more

Migrating to Microsoft BPOS – Part I

By now, you've probably heard of Microsoft's latest foray into the PaaS arena - Office 365 - but you might not know that Microsoft's BPOS offering is going to be a component of this latest incarnation. If you're considering either of these platforms, Johan Veldhuis' clear and comprehensive guide to Migrating from Exchange to BPOS is essential reading.… Read more

PST Horror Stories

Brien has been on the front line of Systems Administration for long enough to both respect and fear PST files. Though they are a handy tool when used wisely, they are too often misused, resulting in disaster. Brien relates a few tragedies to which he's had a front-row seat. Read on, and be warned.… Read more

Importing PSTs with PowerShell in Exchange 2010 SP1

Unless you use Red Gate's PST Importer, the import and export of PST files with Exchange 2010 is a complex and error-prone business. Microsoft have acknowledged this in the release of Exchange 2010 SP1, since they have now re-engineered the way that PSTs are handled to try and ease the pain of importing and exporting them, but it is still a matter of using Powershell with cmdlets, rather than a GUI. Jaap Wesselius takes a look at the new process. … Read more

Connecting the Disconnected in Exchange 2010

Since Exchange 2000, and the introduction of the document retention period it has been much easier to recover mailboxes, disconnect or connect mailboxes to users, and disable mailboxes. Exchange 2010 has introduced the personal archive, which adds a slight complication. Michel de Rooij explains how to deal with this, and clean up mailboxes that are still within the retention period.… Read more

OCS Disaster Recovery, Part 2

There are several possible disasters which might happen to your Office Communications Server environment. This will be everything from a file share which becomes corrupted, all the way over to a complete OCS server recovery. None of these will present a problem if you've prepared for disaster recovery beforehand. Johan explains what to do when disaster strikes.… Read more