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Problems encountered with Data compare

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 2:00 pm    Post subject: Problems encountered with Data compare Reply with quote

I am interested to your software and I've downloaded it and i'am trying it for my company. I find different troubles and I'd like to know if there are solutions for it (service pack, workarounds etc....):

1. The comparison of data for almost all the tables worked except for a table for rows that had the same primary key: Red Gate software didnít make a UPDATE statement but it did the INSERT statement and then the DELETE statement. For this table, the INSERT statement did not work because the it caused primary key violation error.
2. If I select in the Application Options the ASCII encoding, and I generate the SQL script when I save the file, the character 'į' and accented characters are replace dy '?'. Instead, after clicking on 'Deployment wizard' in the preview window of the script, if I click on the button 'Copy to clipboard' and paste the content in a text editor (Notepad++ for example) the problem does not occur. The character 'į' should be seen correctly if I create a file with ASCII encoding: I did a test with the GNU editor Notepad++ and itís so.
3. When I change the direction of the arrow under the application and menu bars (using the context menu voice ĎSwitch deployment directioní) the arrow change direction (and itís correct) but the schema names to the left and to the right of the arrow get reversed and change the position: I think that this last behavior it isnít correct; in Sql Compare and Data Compare for Microsoft Sql Server the arrow change direction but the schema names donít change position.
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