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The world’s most trusted tools for making database changes


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How we can help you with database development

Want a single source of truth for database deployment?

Use SQL Source Control to go to the next level. Store every change to your database in the same source control system as your application.

SQL Source Control

Still doing database changes by hand?

Try SQL Compare, the world's most trusted tool for syncing database changes - used by 71% of the Fortune 100.

SQL Compare

Are you looking for a safe, efficient process to ship regular database changes?

We’ve got tooling that brings the benefits of source control, continuous integration, and continuous delivery – safe releases, efficient development, and fast feedback – to your SQL Server databases.

Database Lifecycle Management

The SQL Developer Suite

The SQL Developer Suite contains our most popular SQL Server development tools.

They're perfect for speeding up coding, setting up simple change management, and taking your first steps in Database Lifecycle Management.

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“We can be confident that what we’re developing and testing is what’s going to be deployed to production.”