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SQL Source Control v1.0.4 Available!

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Ben Adderson

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2010 12:24 pm    Post subject: SQL Source Control v1.0.4 Available! Reply with quote

This release introduces support to associate commits to TFS Work Items and and includes fixes for issues that you have reported. See below for details.

TFS Work Items:
Please see this posting for more information about how to associate your commits with TFS Work Items.

Issues Fixed in this Release:
SOC-834 - "Expanding Broker Priorities causes unhandled exception" - You may find that Expanding the Service Broker > Broker Priorities node causes SSC failed with a non {sa} dialog
SOC-1201 - "Attempting to link to an empty repository results in poor user feedback"
SOC-1218 - "SQL Data compare options are removed from the RedGateDatabaseInformation.xml file when committing from SQL Source Control"
SOC-596 - "Downgrading the product may cause the loading of SQL Source Control to fail"
SOC-454 - "Unlinking a database does not remove already visible beaky tooltips"
SOC-1163 - "Cancelling Linking operation still shows "Linked" beaky tooltips"
SOC-1046 - "When a user starts SSMS, the following message is logged: Failed to load assembly Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a"
SOC-1269 - "Changing the casing of a folder to which a database is linked results in a failure when another user links to the same location and attempts to Get Latest"
SOC-1281 - "Deleting SQL Source Control folders in SVN can cause "Is not a working copy"
SOC-589 - "No-Op detection cycles six times with no changes being made in svn"
SOC-1261 - "Specifying Collation in constraint results in uncomittable diff"
SOC-1250 - "Several negative REAL values in a partition function results in incorrect parsing of procedure"
SOC-603 – "Fixed NullReferenceException when retrieving a user only if a role containing the user has already been retrieved by itself"
SOC-1213 – "Properties of CLR objects can now be used in check constraints"
SOC-961 – "GO can now be used as an alias"
SOC-520 – "The indexes are sorted when displayed in the Object Difference Pane, which stops spurious line differences from being shown"
SOC-1181 – "Persisted computed columns now work for Turkish and Azerbaijani users"
SOC-1186 – "Altering table functions with extended properties in SQL Server 2008 now work"
SOC-1172 – "CLR aggregate functions with two or more parameters now work"
SOC-1286 - Using \ money specifier not supported
SC-4727 - Make compare parser reject invalid money tokens
SOC-1265 - Clean code works first time with recursive adds
SOC-1273 - Removed an assertion which a user hit, since we now know it’s possible
SOC-215, SOC-1077, SOC-953, SOC-1264, SOC-1268, SOC-1271 – Handling missing dependent objects
SOC-1315 - Recover from deleted TFS cache
SOC-1313 – Handling missing dependencies in revert
SOC-1320 - Detect if user has virus scanner or other software that accesses our working folder, which could cause problems. Notify the user

To sign up to our early access notification list, please visit:

To get the latest version of SQL Source Control, please use Help > Check for Updates on the SQL Source Control tab. Alternatively, please visit our product page.

If you have any feedback, please feel free to post on this forum or e-mail To suggest a new feature, please see our Suggestion Forum.
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