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Bug in "Control-Flow-Obfuscation" of "Strictly valid" level

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 11, 2014 8:27 am    Post subject: Bug in "Control-Flow-Obfuscation" of "Strictly valid" level Reply with quote

Version :

original source code:

/// <summary>
        /// Converts a value to a Float
        /// </summary>
        private static float ToFloat(object value, TypeInfo sourceType)
            // handle for supported conversions.
            switch (sourceType.BuiltInType)
                case BuiltInType.Float:
                    return (float)value;
                case BuiltInType.Boolean: return Convert.ToSingle((bool)value);
                case BuiltInType.SByte:   return Convert.ToSingle((sbyte)value);
                case BuiltInType.Byte:    return Convert.ToSingle((byte)value);
                case BuiltInType.Int16:   return Convert.ToSingle((short)value);
                case BuiltInType.UInt16:  return Convert.ToSingle((ushort)value);
                case BuiltInType.Int32:   return Convert.ToSingle((int)value);
                case BuiltInType.UInt32:  return Convert.ToSingle((uint)value);
                case BuiltInType.Int64:   return Convert.ToSingle((long)value);
                case BuiltInType.UInt64:  return Convert.ToSingle((ulong)value);
                case BuiltInType.Double:  return Convert.ToSingle((double)value);

                case BuiltInType.String:
                    return XmlConvert.ToSingle((string)value);
            // conversion not supported.
            throw new InvalidCastException();

result code:(ILSPY)


// Opc.Ua.TypeInfo
private static float (object , TypeInfo )
   BuiltInType expr_01 = .BuiltInType;
   BuiltInType builtInType;
   if (2 != 0)
      builtInType = expr_01;
   float arg_B3_0;
   switch (builtInType)
   case BuiltInType.Boolean:
      return Convert.ToSingle((bool));
   case BuiltInType.SByte:
      return Convert.ToSingle((sbyte));
   case BuiltInType.Byte:
      return Convert.ToSingle((byte));
   case BuiltInType.Int16:
      return Convert.ToSingle((short));
   case BuiltInType.UInt16:
      float expr_87 = arg_B3_0 = Convert.ToSingle((ushort));
      if (8 != 0)
         return expr_87;
   case BuiltInType.Int32:
      return Convert.ToSingle((int));
   case BuiltInType.UInt32:
      return Convert.ToSingle((uint));
   case BuiltInType.Int64:
      arg_B3_0 = Convert.ToSingle((long));
   case BuiltInType.UInt64:
      return Convert.ToSingle((ulong));
   case BuiltInType.Float:
      return (float);
   case BuiltInType.Double:
      return Convert.ToSingle((double));
   case BuiltInType.String:
      return XmlConvert.ToSingle((string));
      throw new InvalidCastException();
   return arg_B3_0;

when call with the following(the argument '123' can be replaced with any number):
var a = xxx.ToFloat((UInt16)123,BuiltInType.Float);

Always return 0.0 with any input argument.

It seems the added obfuscation code has bugs related il instructions order.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 3:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks for letting us know. I have created an internal bug reference for this.
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