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PostPosted: Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:13 pm    Post subject: SQL Backup 7.2 Reply with quote

We�re pleased to announce that SQL Backup 7.2 has been released and is available to download. This is a minor release and includes new features and bug fixes.

New features

    � Default names for scheduled backup jobs now include information about the databases in the job.
    � Log Shipping wizard steps re-ordered and validation introduced to prevent network share and MOVETO folder being the same.
    � It is now possible to double-click anywhere on a reminder to launch the Schedule Restore Jobs wizard.
    � On step 2 of the Schedule Restore Jobs wizard, 'Create new database' is always selected and populated by default.

Bugs fixed in 7.2

    � SB-4546, SB-4689 and SB-5289 - STOPATMARK and STOPBEFOREMARK are supported when restoring using LATEST_ALL.
    � SB-4767 and SB-5056 - Changes to default names for scheduled backup jobs (see New Features above).
    � SB-5024, SB-5113 and SB-5287 - Issues with keyboard shortcuts and navigation in the Restore, Schedule Backup Jobs and Schedule Restore Jobs wizards have been resolved.
    � SB-5190 - Reminders are not displayed if SQL Backup cannot connect to the SQL Server.
    � SB-5196 - Backup jobs that use the FULLIFREQUIRED keyword are now removed from the In Progress tab once the backup has completed.
    � SB-5202 - When upgrading from one major version to another (for example, from SQL Backup 6 to 7), SQL Backup is installed in a folder labelled with the new major version number by default. The folder containing the previous version is removed.
    � SB-5245 - In the Restore wizard, the option to check for orphaned users is selected by default when the user changes from a filegroup backup to a full backup.
    � SB-5270 - An error is raised when invalid database file paths or file names are entered on step 2 of the Restore wizard.
    � SB-5286 - When the Restore or Log Shipping wizard is launched from the context menu, the 'Database' control is populated with the selected database.

SQL Backup 7.2 is a free upgrade from version 7.0 and 7.1. To upgrade, from the Help menu select Check for Updates or download a trial from the SQL Backup page and use your serial number to activate.

User interface version: (to check the version number, from the Help menu select About SQL Backup).
Server components version: (to check the version number, from the Edit menu select Properties).
Marianne Crowder
Red Gate Software Limited
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