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SQL Compare 10.0 has been released

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 6:11 pm    Post subject: SQL Compare 10.0 has been released Reply with quote

We're pleased to announce that SQL Compare 10 has been released!

If you have any feedback about v10, please let us know on our uservoice forum at:

What's new in v10?
• Migrations (custom change scripts): you can now create, store and share migration scripts for accurate, automated deployment using SQL Source Control and SQL Compare.
See here for more information:

Other new features:
• Rerunnable scripts - options to add existence checks and DROP/CREATE.
• Recently used servers – We remember the last 5 connections now.
• Different tables and columns can be mapped, which means renames will no longer be regarded as DROP/CREATE.
• Transaction Isolation Level can be specified as an application option.
• New create database functionality from the Project Config dialog so you can quickly create test databases from within SQL Compare
• Filters applied to SQL Source Control databases are now picked up by SQL Compare and applied in the comparison.
• Connection to Denali servers allowed
• Maximize button added to deployment wizard
• New commandline switches including:
o logging on the commandline
o show warnings that apply to the deployment
o use databases linked to SQL Source Control for comparison/deployment
o Ignore case sensitivity option when creating scripts folders

For more information on the new features, see:

Bug fixes:

• SC-5244 (OPTION OPTIMIZE not recognized by the parser)
• SC-3996 (Disabled triggers now detected)
• SC-5056 (Database level extended properties behave strangely)
• SC-4930 (Compare always tries to enable change tracking even if already enabled (thus the script fails))
• SC-4938 (/Exclude:Additional ignored when syncing from the scripts folder)
• SC-4958 (Command line include/exclude options not working)
• SC-5089 (Foreign keys not scripted when /scriptfile is used from command line (db -> empty script folder)
• SC-4552 (Support: CL behaves differently to UI: with /argfile switch)
• SC-5014 (Table level compression not handled well when script isn’t ours – and when it is, there is an ‘invisible difference’)
• SC-5113 (Comparison reporting identical where SQL differences view highlight a difference (DATA_COMPRESSION = PAGE)
• SC-4772 (SQL Compare not listing dependencies on Stored Procedure)
• SC-5141 (Create snapshot function unavailable if starting Compare from SSIP)
• SC-4937 (Script error changing partition ranges)
• SC-4031 (Snapshot creation date on command line)
• SC-4974 (Commandline doesn’t expose script folder creation options)
• SC-5292 (Make it easier to debug the commandline)
• SC-5310 (XML INDEX and PRIMARY XML INDEX on same column cause drop/recreate)
• SC-5243 (/Makescripts fail on case sensitive servers)
• SC-4706 (File format issue with Generate Comparison Results Report)
• SC-4980 (Partition function can be incorrectly read by script reader)
• SC-4633 (Identically-named partition index works in live database but not script reader)
• SC-5309 (Not creating a function in a sync script)
• SC-5328 (Change tracking re-enabled in alter statement unnecessarily)
• SC-4487 (Circular dependency issue: Table and Table function)
• SC-5242 (Next button does nothing during sync)
• SC-4674 (Warning for any dropped column)
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