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Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V

Windows Server 2012 comes with substantial improvements to the hypervisor-based virtualization system Hyper-V. This represents Microsoft's attempt to catch up with rival virtualisation technologies and support enterprise-based 'private cloud' services, and it is looking good.… Read more

Resource Governor

If you suffer from runaway queries, if you have several database applications with unpredictable fluctuation in workload, or if you need to ensure that workloads get the memory or CPU they need according to certain priorities, then you need Resource Governer, and you need Roy Ernest's clear explanation of the technology.… Read more

VMware Lab setup – A virtualized lab for testing HA and DRS

VMWare VSphere is a virtualisation technology that is best learned by setting up, on a single PC, a VSphere cluster as a virtualisation lab. Once you have it, it will then be a useful tool in many ways. This doesn't need to be an expensive exercise, but can be daunting if you don't have a simple guide to talk you through the process. Here, Sean provides that simple guide … Read more

Jorge Segarra: DBA of the Day

Jorge Segarra, also known on Twitter as 'SQLChicken', was one of the finalists of the Exceptional DBA award this year. He lives and works in Tampa, Florida. As well as working as a DBA, he's a Hypervisor for the PASS Virtualization Virtual Chapter and chapter leader of the PASS Professional Development Virtual Chapter, and has also co-authored the book from Apress "Pro SQL Server 2008 Policy-Based Management". … Read more

Virtual Machine Storage Provisioning and Best Practises

If you're using virtualization technology, then at some point you'll have run out of (or will run out of) virtual disk space, leading to the provisioning of extra storage; are you confident that you know how to do that? Sean Duffy makes sure you're doing it right, sharing his recommendations and tips in this step-by-step guide. Follow this advice, and you'll be a virtualization veteran in no time.… Read more

Using VMware vCenter Update Manager to keep your vSphere Hosts Up-To-Date with Patching

The chore of patching operating systems and applications is taking an increasing proportion of the time of a system administrator, so it is a a relief that at least VMware is keen to make the task easier. VMware provide a tool in vCenter Update Manager to assist in keeping VMware up to date. Jonathan Medd explains all.… Read more

Increasing the Availability of Virtualised Applications and Services

By using a virtualized clustering computing environment with failover, you can improve server availability without using as many physical computers. A group of independent computers can work together to increase the availability of virtualised applications and services. If one of the cluster nodes fails, another node takes over to provide the service without disrupting the service. Nirmal Sharma explains the failover process under Hyper-V and how to improve the performance of a failover.… Read more