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Releasing Databases in VSTS with Redgate SQL CI and Octopus Deploy

You can still do Database Lifecycle Management (DLM) workflows in the hosted version of Team foundation Server (TFS) in Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) . If you are doing your database development in SSMS, you can use a mix of tools to set up the functionality in VSTS. Jason Crease demonstrates how to build and deploy a simple database into the test environment using SQL CI, SQL Source Control, Octopus Deploy, tSQLt, SQL Cop and SQL Release, all with the minimum of hassle and effort.… Read more

On Handling Dates in SQL

The calendar is inherently complex by the very nature of the astronomy that underlies the year, and the conflicting historical conventions. The handling of dates in TSQL is even more complex because, when SQL Server was Sybase, it was forced by the lack of prevailing standards in SQL to create its own ways of processing and formatting dates and times. Joe Celko looks forward to a future when it is possible to write standard SQL date-processing code with SQL Server.… Read more

Generating Test Data in TSQL

To test SQL, you need test data. There are usually many reasons why you can't use production data. Although it is usually enough to use a utility to generate test data, sometimes your requirements will compel you to resort to code to supplement this. Hugo shows how he used SQL and C# to generate large volumes of test data involving related columns and complex distributions.… Read more

Preparing to Upgrade your SQL Server

It isn't a problem to use deprecated TSQL features until it comes to the time to move the database to a server with a newer version of SQL Server, because The Upgrade Adviser tool will tell you what needs to be changed. An alternative is to flush out the use of archaic features via scripting during the development process so there are no surprises later. Jonathan Allen shows how… Read more

Fifty Shades of Gray: The SQL and PowerShell

Phil was struck by a comment by a DBA on a Simple-Talk article that complained that the PowerShell examples weren't simple enough. The traditional "hello world" was too simple (that's actually the program), but he was suddenly struck by the literary fuss over 'Fifty Shades of Gray' to decide to do a 'Fifty Shades of Gray' Wallchart in both TSQL and PowerShell. … Read more

Registered Servers and Central Management Server Stores

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) has many features that make it particularly convenient for the database developer and DBA. Registered Servers are typical: poorly documented, but essential for the busy DBA, since they are easily scriptable via TSQL or PowerShell as well as the SSMS GUI, to access groups of servers to perform a wide range of tasks.… Read more

SQL Test: Seeing Red Change to Green

Now that we have some very good test frameworks for SQL Server, particularly tSQLt, all that was missing was a way of running your unit tests from within SQL Server Management Studio, and 'seeing red change to green'. Now the wait is over, with the arrival of SQL Test in preview. Rob Sullivan is one of those users who are helping shape the way that SQL Test develops, and explains what is going on, and why.… Read more