Crossing the Line: Skill Atrophy

In this blog series titled “Crossing the Line,” I will explore the various aspects, concerns, and successes associated with the transition from coder to manager. Reader participation is highly encouraged. I am interested in your stories of experience, challenges, and successes in this regard. Please share in the comment section of the post. Developing a … Read more

The IT Manager’s perspective: People as an Asset

Information Technology is fast-changing, but the people who work in IT need to have a good chance of a long-term career. That means keeping up to date, not only in their current speciality, but in the wider sphere of the technology they work with. IT managers must make sure that keeping up to date with technology is part of the day to day activity of their people. How should they make sure it happens?… Read more

Learn Where You Are

In order to make progress in your career in IT, you need to actively plan your professional development rather then allow others around you to control it. For anyone in IT, the task of learning new skills and technologies is part of your work: and you can do it right where you are, in your current job.… Read more

Building Your DBA Skillset

As a DBA and hiring manager, Chris Shaw has been on those sides of the recruitement process. As an MVP and active member of the SQL Server community, he knows what resources are available to help DBAs hone their abilities. Who better to guide you through the many paths to developing your DBA skillset?… Read more

Visibility, The Art of Being Noticed.

In the pursuit of career-advancement, it is often more important to be visible than to be competent. The danger of competence is that, if you are good at a particular job, management will want you to stick at it, whereas for the 'visible' there is no limit to promotion. How, though does one become visible? One has to be spectacular, even if it means doing something spectacularly wrong.… Read more

SQL Server and .NET Training and Career Development (part 2)

In Part I of this series, I discussed the role and value of conferences in the career development of SQL Server and .NET developers. In this article, I move on to discuss online technical forums, focusing on what to do before you post on a newsgroup or forum in order to derive maximum benefit from them, and avoid trying the patience and goodwill of the forum community.… Read more