State of the Database Landscape Results 2024

Every year, Redgate surveys technologists to ask a big question (through lots of little questions, naturally.) This year’s question was about their current data platform configuration and usage. Just before it was released, I read the results, and I have to say, some of the things I learned amazed me…until I thought a bit more about it.

I worked for a single-platform company for years, or so I thought. I was the data architect for the organization and had my hands on most of the data projects for the company for years. So, in my mind, we used Microsoft’s Data Platform exclusively (primarily SQL Server and Excel. Excel is still one of the most essential data storage and analysis tools around and may always be). But as I learned in my later years there, when I said, “most data projects,” I slowly discovered that we had others, for example, Tableau for some reporting, MySQL for our web servers, etc.

If you are like me at the time, you probably only know about how the organization you work for uses different data platforms. In fact, unless you are pretty high up in the org chart, you probably have little idea of the breadth of your company’s data usage; and even less about other companies. That is the beauty of surveys like this: you get the aggregated results of over 3000 other people in a similar situation as you.

Back in November, during the Redgate keynote at the PASS Data Community Summit, a few stats were shared with attendees (along with the launch of Test Data Manager!). Today, the entire survey results go live for everyone to view. You can get those results by following this link:

State of the Database Landscape Survey Results

I would love it if you would share your feelings in the comments. Or on X (Twitter), LinkedIn, or anywhere you want to. User group meetings, conferences, birthday parties, or really any gathering where other people are will do nicely.

As a bonus, at 12 PM Eastern Time on Jan 23, there will be a live stream where my wonderful colleagues at Redgate, Steve Jones, Ryan Booz, and Beca Parker, will share their thoughts on the results live:

Livestream: Navigating the Database Landscape In 2024.

Note, if the time has passed for the livestream by the time you have discovered this article, you can still watch the recording anytime you want to. Just know that no matter how loud you shout at the screen, they will not be able to hear you! When they are live there is a chance to give feedback and they may even hear you if you shout loud enough.