Dean Mathews

Dean Mathews is the founder and CEO of OnTheClock, an online time clock app that helps over 7000 businesses all around the world track their employee time.

He has over 20 years of experience designing and developing web-based business apps. Dean views software development as a form of art. If the artist creates a masterpiece, many peoples lives are touched and changed for the good.

When he is not perfecting employee time tracking, Dean enjoys expanding his faith, spending time with family/friends and finding ways to make the world just a little better. You can find Dean on LinkedIn.

04 October 2018
04 October 2018

Entrepreneurship Vs. Employment: Which Is the Best?

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone; by the same token, being an employee is not either. There are serious pros and cons to each side that affect one’s stress level, work/life balance, and personal fulfillment. People don’t so much choose to be an entrepreneur as they are called to be one. Entrepreneurs generally know from … Read more