Continuous Integration

Articles on continuous integration.

Assessing SQL Code Quality

Not all T-SQL is created equally. Whether you're refactoring your code or you've inherited a database with some interesting behaviors, these articles will help you work through the issues and fend off future problems.

Getting started with automated database testing

Get started applying automated testing to your database code with this article collection, covering the basics of applying routine testing to your databases and working with test data.

Getting Started With Continuous Integration

Learn how to develop with database continuous integration using popular tools like Jenkins to move from static database releases to automated builds as part of a devops development pipeline.

Getting started with test-driven database development

Test-driven development is one of the key methods for bringing in shorter release cycles to your software development, but the database can be a blocker. Here we show how to apply TDD to the database so it can be a full part of the devops release lifecycle.

Getting started with tSQLt for automated database testing

Testing with tSQLt is popular because it allows you to write tests natively in T-SQL, making it a natural fit for database developers. These articles will help you get started writing tests for your databases.

Monitoring Database Health

These articles will help you get started monitoring the health of your databases so you can fend off problems before they become critical issues.