Postponed goals, plans, and resolutions

Every year, folks make resolutions and set goals for the new year. It would be interesting to have some real numbers comparing success in 2020 to a typical year, but I bet that many of us have failed or at least had to postpone plans and goals. 

I had no idea that my trip to the UK in February would be the last time I left my area or that I would be helping my five-year-old grandson Nate with remote kindergarten every day while I try to work. I purchased tickets to attend several concerts, including one in Colorado at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, and all of them were cancelled. I also signed up to do two stair climb events and had been training with my 14-year-old grandson Thomas who was to participate in the events with me. Those events were cancelled as well. While SQL Saturdays are technically for work, they have also been enjoyable ways to catch up with friends from the community. I never could have imagined that my local SQL Saturday in February would be the last in-person event for me in 2020.

Travel for holidays and work was cancelled. Playing cards and board games replaced amusement park and museum outings. Binge watching Netflix replaced trips to the gym. Remote replaced in-person visits with friends and extended family. Weekends of baking bread and cookies replaced holiday jaunts. 

This year has taught  us that we don’t require all the things that we thought we needed.  Now it’s time to think about 2021. With the rollout of the vaccines, there’s hope that the world will get back to normal, but it’s unlikely to ever be the same.

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