Showplan Operator of the Week – BookMark/Key Lookup

Fabiano continues in his mission to describe the major Showplan Operators used by SQL Server's Query Optimiser. This week he meets a star, the Key Lookup, a stalwart performer, but most famous for its role in ill-performing queries where an index does not 'cover' the data required to execute the query. If you understand why, and in what circumstances, key lookups are slow, it helps greatly with optimising query performance. … Read more

SQL Server Intellisense VS. Red Gate SQL Prompt

Fabiano Amorim is hooked on today's Integrated Development Environments with built-in Intellisense, so he looked forward keenly to SQL Server 2008's native intellisense. He was disappointed at how it turned out, so turned instead to SQL Prompt. Fabiano explains why he prefers to SQL Prompt, why he reckons it fits in with the way that database developers work, and goes on to describe some of the features he'd like to see in it.… Read more

13 Things You Should Know About Statistics and the Query Optimizer

Fabiano launches into a sound technical explanation of the way that the query optimiser works in SQL Server with a mention of Brazilian Soccer stars and young ladies on Copacabana beach. You'll never quite think of statistics, execution plans, and the query optimiser the same way again after reading this, but we think you'll understand them better.… Read more

The Query Optimizer: Date Correlation Optimisation

In SQL Server 2005, a feature was introduced that was hardly noticed, but which might make a great difference to anyone doing queries involving temporal data. For anyone doing Data Warehousing, timetabling, or time-based pricing, this could speed up your queries considerably. Who better to introduce this than Query Optimizer expert, Fabiano Amorim? … Read more