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Database Continuous Integration

Have you ever longed for a way of making the delivery of databases more visible, predictable and measurable? Do you ever wish that they would be of better quality, quicker to change, and cost less? Grant Fritchey explains some of the secrets of doing Continuous Integration for Databases to relieve some of the pain-points of the Database Delivery process.… Read more

Implementing Continuous Integration for Databases

Continuous integration (CI) is becoming more and more common in application development. It ensures code and related resources are integrated regularly and tested by an automated build system, and highlights problems early in the development process. But what about database development? Can the same advantages of CI be applied to production databases? Where do you start? How do you tackle it? Sjors Takes relates his experience.… Read more

Managing Test Data as a Database CI Component – Part 1

Constructing a test environment for your databases can be a difficult task at the best of times. Once you've actually acquired the hardware needed and architected the environment, you still have to arrange and securely transport the data. And with the rising demand for fast feedback and continuously integrated processes, having all of this automated and operating at speed is a challenge all of its own.… Read more

Who Broke the Build?

Continuous Integration and automatic builds are fantastic tools for software teams, but only if developers take responsibility for their code. Karsten Kempe explains how to use Team Foundation Server to drive better continuous integration, and walks through a simple (open source) tool he built to make nightly builds more transparent, and more valuable.… Read more

Introduction to Continuous Integration Servers

So you've got your database under source control, and now you want to start running automatic tests and builds with it. Welcome to the world of continuous integration. Rob Chipperfield guides us through the fundamentals of continuous integration servers, with advice on what to think about when choosing one, and insights into how your database and application structures can affect your choice.… Read more

Database Build and Release with Jenkins

One of the frustrations of implementing a Continuous Integration (CI) system is understanding how the individual components of the workflow work together to contribute to the process. The software engineer for a successful system describes how his team designed and use a useful CI system based on Jenkins, Subversion and Red Gate Tools. … Read more

Using SQL Test Database Unit Testing with TeamCity Continuous Integration

With database applications, the process of test and integration can be frustratingly slow because so much of it is based on manual processes. Everyone seems to agree that automation of the process provides the answer to accomodating shorter development cycles, but how, exactly? Dave Green describes a successful process that integrates third-party tools.… Read more

Continuous Integration for SQL Server Databases

When it comes to the subject of putting databases into source control, Troy Hunt is no shrinking violet. "Database source control is no longer negotiable". In this article, published originally in his Blog, Troy explains how to do Continuous Integration from a database that is in a Version Control System (VCS). … Read more

Continuous Integration with SQL Toolbelt

Sometimes, you wish you had a tool to run a software development process exactly the way you need it to run. You click your heels together and then realise that you already have the means to do it. By combining tools that can work in command-line mode, or can be automated in other ways, you can sometimes save a great deal of time and tedium. Roger Hart rummages into the SQL Toolbelt and comes up with some practical examples for providing Continuous Integration, along with the code!… Read more