Liz Baron

Liz Baron has successfully introduced DevOps practices into Data Platform teams, leading efforts that resulted in a 90% reduction in defects. She is a partner at and an open-source advocate, serving as a maintainer of the tSQLt project.

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Sebastian Meine

Sebastian Meine, PhD is a principal trainer and consultant with llc ( He specializes in T-SQL performance and SQL-TDD and shares his passion and knowledge regularly with audiences world-wide.

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and 06 January 2011
and 06 January 2011

SQL Server Unit Testing with tSQLt

When one considers the amount of time and effort that Unit Testing consumes for the Database Developer, is surprising how few good SQL Server Test frameworks are around. tSQLt , which is open source and free to use, is one of the frameworks that provide a simple way to populate a table with test data as part of the unit test, and check the results with what should be expected. Sebastian and Dennis, who created tSQLt, explain. … Read more