Lance Talbert

Lance Talbert is a budding game developer that has been learning to program since the age of thirteen. He has taken several courses in computer programming ranging from C++ to HTML and spends most of his spare time either creating projects in Visual Studio or building his own games. He is currently working on his first commercial game, War Ender, as well taking extra time to discover and learn new programming languages. Beyond programming and game development, Lance also has interests in writing, acting, and composing music. You can keep up with Lance by following him on twitter as well as through his gaming blog. Of course he'd be remiss to not link you to the website for his game War Ender, which can be found here:

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09 January 2018
09 January 2018

Introduction to Game Development with Unity and C#

The easiest technologies to use are often the most difficult to create. Take video games. Objects in games must obey the laws of physics among countless other details. Developers can spend their time with details like these, or take advantage of game engines so they can concentrate on what the game does instead. Lance Talbert explains how to get started developing games in C# with the game engine Unity.… Read more