Lance Talbert

Lance Talbert is a budding game developer that has been learning to program since the age of thirteen. He is currently in college studying computer application development, but has taken several courses in computer programming ranging from C++ to HTML in the past. Lance spends most of his spare time creating projects in Visual Studio or building his own games. Lance has released one game titled War Ender and is currently working on two others, titled Impressions and "Future." Beyond programming and game development, Lance also has interests in writing, acting, and composing music. You can keep up with Lance by following him on twitter as well as through his gaming blog. You can also view his game development updates here:

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17 September 2018
17 September 2018

Introducing the Unity Job System

Performance is important to video game players. If a game is slow, the player may experience unintended difficulties in timing, positioning, and much more. Unity added a job system with the 2018.1 update which allows multithreaded code which can improve performance. In this article, Lance Talbert walks you through using the new job system.… Read more