I’m presenting this year

This year I decided that I wanted to give more back to the community in the way of sharing my (limited) knowledge.  The first thing I did was talk to the folks at Redgate and started blogging.  I haven’t presented a session for a while because I’m usually too busy organising events but I decided … Read more

T-SQL Tuesday #104: Code You Would Hate To Live Without (Relative Positioning in Date Table)

Today’s blog post is in response to Bert Wagner’s invitation here: https://bertwagner.com/2018/07/03/code-youd-hate-to-live-without-t-sql-tuesday-104-invitation/. For me, the answer was pretty simple. There is one piece of code that I have written that I find very useful, and even more… it was my (as far as I know, my own idea!)  In my life, I have obviously learned a … Read more