Douglas Reilly

Douglas Reilly is a software developer, and a brave and exceptional man. I first had the pleasure of working with him when he submitted his Coming out as a Cancer Survivor article for the Simple-Talk website. In this article, he detailed his experiences as a software developer who had decided to be open and honest … Read more

Simple Talk at SQL PASS

I just wanted to provide everyone with a “heads-up” on Simple-Talk’s plans for SQL PASS in Seattle. If you’re at the show and are interested in talking – maybe about writing an article, doing a short interview, to tell me how great Simple-Talk is, or just to give me a good slap, then drop me … Read more


A grand day out in Vienna a few Saturdays ago finished in the 19th district at the fantastically-named Bamkraxler pub. I had no real expectations of the place, but it turned out to be so much more than an amusing name (although after 5 pints of beer, it’s amazing how long you can be kept amused … Read more

The Joy of Simple Talk Editorial Meetings

Phil Factor’s recent blog on The Joy of IT Meetings contains a lot of good advice, but if you really want your meetings to be productive, I can only suggest you adopt the Simple-Talk approach. All you need are some good people, a traditional local hostelry, some lovingly-brewed real ale and about 2 hours. Here’s … Read more

This Web 2.0 thing

Browsing around Dr Dobb’s, I read Mike Elgin’s take on the Web 2.0 malarkey. I liked his simple definition of Web 2.0 as “all the Web sites out there that get their value from the actions of users”. He also makes the interesting contrast between Yahoo’s “top news” page (stories selected by professional editors) and … Read more

A visit to the Bilbao Guggenheim

After getting this new Simple-Talk website out of the door, my wife and I took off to Northern Spain for a well-earned and very pleasant 2-week vacation. Spain is a bit of a default holiday destination for us – occasionally we break away (including a fantastic few weeks in Slovenia one year) but we are … Read more