Simple Talk, Live from Tech Ed Boston

Tech Ed in Boston is just around the corner and the Red Gate offices are a feverish hive of activity (carefully coordinated around numerous swag boxes). I will be at the event, trying to dig out the latest news and views and hopefully, scratching a little beneath the shiny surface of the MS hype machine.

What’s the one thing that really gets under your skin about the way Microsoft and/or its technology is going? Do you ever tear your hair out wondering why a certain MS tools does (or doesn’t) work a certain way? Maybe you’re just intrigued to know the thinking behind a certain new technology.

Tell me about it, and I’ll do my very best to raise the issue with the right person at Tech Ed and elicit some straight answers.

So, whether you want to know more about Atlas or CLR procedures, when (oh when) the Vista saga will finally end, or you just want me to ask someone in the Office team why they screwed up Word so very badly…let me know about it here and I’ll report back.

If you’re at the event, do drop by the Red gate booths (338/340) and say hi. I’ll be the one wearing the highly fashionable, black Simple-Talk polo shirt complete with retro 70’s white sleeve stripes.



Simple-Talk editor