Edit The JSON of a Fabric Pipeline

A Fabric Pipeline uses JSON as source code. They are also saved in repositories as JSON.

We first idea we get is editing the pipeline in JSON format. We can copy the JSON and create new pipelines with small variations, making changes directly on the JSON.

However, at first sight we get disappointed, because the pipeline doesn’t allow the JSON to be edited. We have the option to view the JSON, but nothing else.

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The Big Pipeline Secret

There is a special parameter we should add to the URL to make the pipeline editable.

This is what you need to add:


Of course, you need to follow the rules of URL parameters: use ‘&’ if this is not the first parameter (and probably isn’t) or use ‘?’ if this is the first parameter.

The magic will appear: The button becomes an “Edit” button, allowing us to Edit the JSON in many ways as our creativity demands.

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This hidden secret is difficult to discover, but it can prove to be extremely useful.

Take a look on this video to check how it works: Fabric Monday 32: Edit Pipeline’s JSON