Planning for a Successful Database Lifecycle

Although it is well-known that the best efforts of a development team can be derailed by mistakes in the architecture, design and general governance of a development project, few attempts have been made to describe what needs to be done to increase the chances of success in the development of a database application. William Brewer steps into the breach to itemise what a delivery team needs to succeed.… Read more

The Cross Platform

With the new range of cross-platform runtime-systems, based on WebKit and Node.js, we developers are once again offered the lure of being able to write one application that, with minor differences, works in the browser as a cloud application, on the desktop PC, and in mobile devices. If you are already versed in the culture … Read more

What is Database Lifecycle Management (DLM)?

When the different teams that are involved throughout the life of a database fail to reconcile their different roles and priorities, and so fail to cooperate, or work adaptively, the result is gridlock: databases defined as though carved in stone rather than by code and data. DLM offers an alternative that allows databases to respond quickly to business change.… Read more

Database Configuration Management for SQL Server

It is not just the rapid and painless testing, deployment and update of databases that requires care in the retention and management of configuration information. Configuration information is also essential for audit, resilience, and support. The range of documentation varies widely with the database and its setting, but the underlying principles remain the same. Without appropriate configuration management, automation is likely to be futile.… Read more

Fast and Free; SQL Scripts Manager’s Script Generator

When William produced his second article on the free tool 'SQL Scripts Manager', revealing that it worked just as well with PowerShell and Python scripts as it does with TSQL, he thought that would be the end of the series. Oh no; in response to feedback, comes a small add-in called 'Script Generator' that makes a big difference to the speed of developing and producing new scripts. … Read more

SQL Scripts Manager with PowerShell

SQL Scripts Manager was released as a Christmas present to Simple-Talk subscribers. William Brewer then wrote an appreciation of the tool. Now, he reveals a secret:: It also runs PowerShell scripts, and hence, SMO. He has the scripts to prove it, though hopefully, you'll soon be running your own PowerShell from SQL Scripts Manager.… Read more

SQL Scripts Manager: An Appreciation

SQL Scripts Manager is Simple-Talk's present to its readers. William Brewer was an enthusiastic bystander when Red Gate involved the 'Friends of Red-Gate' in helping them design and contribute towards SQL Scripts Manager over the past few months. Here he gives his impressions of the new tool and explains why it is useful to him. … Read more

Calling Stored Procedures from .NET Applications

Everybody knows how to call stored procedures from a .NET application. Right? But then, how often do you see stored procedures used to their full advantage in database applications? William Brewer goes through some of the basics, but uses PowerShell and IronPython as well as VB.NET as the example .NET applications just to freshen the subject up a bit, and avoids all mention of Northwind or AdventureWorks!… Read more


If there is one thing that developers and users always seem to disagree on, it is the relative importance of documentation. We take a look at the whole technology of producing Help and Documentation for tools and applications, and then review one particular product; EC Software's Help & Manua… Read more