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Hacking Visual Studio

Visual Studio, like any Integrated Development Environment, can host extensions for more specialist languages or development tasks. This sort of work is reasonably straightforward most of the time but occasionally you need functionality that isn't available in the APIs. Michal takes two examples, printing code in an editing window, and gaining access to the Visual Studio Notifications, and explains how to hack Visual Studio to get to the functionality.… Read more

Building a Customised ALM Platform with TFS and VSO

The latest versions of Team Foundation Server are not only sophisticated, but extensible. Continue their course of openness, Microsoft have opened up TFS, and are making it possible to build custom systems on top of it. Karsten Kempe points out three new features that make it possible to build an ALM system to exactly suit you needs, using TFS as the underlying platform, and demonstrates what's possible with an open source dashboard and work-tracking system.… Read more

No More Disconnected SQL Development in Visual Studio

Some types of development work are much more effectively accomplished if the developer can work directly on SQL Server Databases from Visual Studio, alongside the application code, rather than constantly switching applications to SSMS. Until SQL Connect was created, there was no easy way to do this. Nate Suver had just this requirement, and explains why SQL Connect is so important to him. … Read more

How to Create Custom SharePoint Workflows in Visual Studio 2008

Whereas simple workflows are possible using Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer, you will soon reach the point where you will need to use Visual Studio. In the third article in Charles' introduction to Workflows in Sharepoint, he demonstrates how to create a workflow from scratch using Visual Studio, and discusses the relative merits of the two tools for this sort of development work.… Read more

Debugger visualizers

Debugging is an important process for any level of programming to ensure programs function as expected. Most productive developer environments provide tools and utilities to assist with the debugging process. Visual Studio.NET 2005 is equipped with a number of debugger visualizers, but users can also create their own based on an individual project.… Read more