Free Classes from Redgate Community Circle

Everyone has been impacted in some way from the Covid-19 pandemic, whether it is missing out on holiday travel and events, being isolated from loved ones, facing economic issues, or contracting the virus. In the best of scenarios, buying groceries and supplies has turned into a scavenger hunt, while, in the worst, people are truly hurting and grieving.

The world has changed, and we have learned some new ways to work and do business. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is that tech skills are in demand, and there are many people who can improve their lives by learning those skills (OK, that’s two things). I’ve seen this firsthand by teaching at a nonprofit over the past five years in St. Louis. Many of the students, often with no background in tech before the classes, have gone on to get great jobs.

In the same spirit, we at Redgate wondered how we can make a difference during this difficult time and came up with the Community Circle. One of the activities we will be hosting is several classes online for anyone – for free!

Each class will be held live for about an hour each week. There will be the chance to ask questions, discuss the material with other students, work on problem sets, and watch the recordings if you need to get a refresher or miss the live session. We plan to keep these classes available as part of Redgate University so that anyone in the future can take advantage of them.

Here’s the lineup:

SQL Server Reporting Services on Mondays with Kathi Kellenberger

SQL Server Query Performance Tuning on Tuesdays with Grant Fritchey

T-SQL for Beginners on Wednesdays with Kendra Little

DAX and Power BI on Thursdays with Steve Jones

This is a wonderful opportunity so consider attending one or more of these classes or pass the information along to someone you know.