PASS Day 3: Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah

Here it is, the last day of PASS 2007 and I find myself in a melancholy that comes with the last day of summer camps from many years past.  We are all far past the stage of being exhausted, yet not ready to seek out the family come to collect me and take that long silent trip home.  It’s been three days of breakout sessions, hands-on labs, and vendor expo visitations.  For a few of us, you can add sponsor parties, volunteer training sessions, media interviews, PASS Board business meetings, stints as Ambassadors and in my case Game Show Host.

Now I find myself with some of the friends I’ve made through PASS over the years: a few Microsoft MVPs, a couple of candidates for the PASS Board, a spattering of other fellow volunteers and even a few new friends I’ve made this year, all making plans for a final dinner together.  I’ve just completed my final session, this one a topic I hold great value in: Telecommuting.  It was a fitting end to the week, considering I spent quite a few hours doing just that from sessions and hallways of the Colorado Convention Center.  How to work effectively from anywhere in the world with the proper tools is quite easy.  I’ve done it for almost eight years myself and am an advocate for telecommuting.  The responsibilities of a DBA are quite suited to telecommuting.

The workload of the week is apparently getting to the best of us.  E-Board Rick (yes, the same Rick from Tony Davis’ post on the horrors of PASS registration) has just wandered over with a camera.  Apparently outgoing President Kevin Kline is asleep on a table around the corner.  I guess after eight years he is afforded some latitude in slacking-off during the last hour of the Summit.