Just to let you know that we’re contacting the people who’ve helped out with the SQL Data Compare 6 Alpha and are in the process of getting your likkle iPods to you as I speak.

Thanks to everybody who helped out, the release is looking really good now, we’re just doing a few last bug fixes then it’s ready for install testing. I hope to put a release candidate up for the really keen to try out next week the final release being early October.

Also I’ve noticed that I’ve lately become addicted to anonymous delegates. Do you think there is somewhere I can get therapy? I find myself writing looping code which takes a delegate for the conditional statement as its argument. I even find myself writing whole threads as anonymous delegates.

Help…I think it’s finally got to me…!!!!

new Thread(delegate { DoStuffInBackground; if (IsHandleCreated) Invoke(delegate { DoFinishingStuffOnUiThread; }); }).Start();