Book Review

For the moment, my contribution to Simple-Talk is to write fortnightly opinion pieces; thus I’m not quite sure what to do with my blog… so I thought I’d start off with reviewing a few books that I found particularly valuable and that I thought might be of interest to this community.

The clear winner for best introduction to the Agile software process for .NET developer is Robert and Micah Martin’s Agile Principles, Patterns and Practices in C# (Prentice Hall(2006) ISBN: 0131857258).

Here’s what I wrote about it on my web site (click on Books, then on Recommendations),

Robert Martin is one of the smartest people I’ve ever talked with, and he is one of the best technical writers I’ve ever read. This book is the comprehensive and most valueable introduction and guide to agile programming with a full discussion of Agile principles, the “fourteen practices of eXtreme programming, full discussion of “spiking, splitting, velocitiy, iteration, test-driven development, refactoring, pair programming, five types of UML diagrams, and how to use all of this in real world .NET development. This book is required reading. Do not hesitate.

I’ll try to post occasional reviews of books and products that might be of interest, as well as topics related to opinion pieces and articles, and other musings and ramblings as time goes by.

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