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Achieving Continuous Delivery for Databases

by Grant Fritchey, Matthew Skelton & Stephanie Herr

Learn how to extend DevOps practices to databases

By making the processes we use to develop, release, deploy, and maintain databases more visible, predictable, and measurable, and working together more effectively as a team, organizations can start to reap the benefits of faster delivery, reduced costs, and increased quality.

This book aims to show how it is possible to adapt many of the techniques used successfully in application development and make them applicable to the specific requirements of databases. You will learn how to:

  • Get database deployment pipelines moving with a 'shift left' approach
  • Achieve consistent database builds and releases by adopting source control
  • Highlight potential problems early by performing regular database builds
  • Avoid data loss by using database migrations for more complex deployments
  • Integrate and test your code with a continuous integration process
  • Move a piece of database code to production, painlessly, and quickly with an automated release process
  • Use an issue tracking system for reporting bugs in the code, anomalies, and incidents from live environments

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