The Simple-Talk Cookbook

Written by geeks, for geeks, the Simple-Talk Cookbook is a quirky culinary collection of recipes by SQL Server and .NET MVPs and experts, who would like to inspire Simple-Talk readers to ditch their microwave convenience meals for some more nourishing dishes this winter. Chef hats at the ready, because the e-cookbook download is available for free now to registered users...

Warming Winter Recipes

The day I spotted a recipe for greengage jam by Andrew Clarke on the Simple-Talk forums was when inspiration struck me.  Here, I thought with astonishment, is a forum post with barely an ounce of technical talk in it…and yet the post was very popular.  Some food for thought indeed.  I began to wonder if many of our Simple-Talk readers might have a secret penchant for cooking up an astronomical feast when they’re not beavering away at their monitors. My research into the potential for a more non-technical ‘cookbook’ than many of us in the IT community may be familiar with soon showed me that here was a hungry audience. 

With over ten contributing chefs, all MVPs and experts from the SQL Server and .NET community, the cookbook is written by geeks for geeks. To get cooking, simply download the cookbook by clicking on the zip file in the top right-hand corner of this article or on the link below.

Happy cooking from the editorial team at Simple-Talk and all the starring chefs!

Download The Simple-Talk Cookbook here

N.B. The recipe for the Deep Fried Mars Bars or Barre de Chocolat Frit a l’Ecossaise is currently missing 1/2 cup / 80g flour in the recipe list – don’t forget to add it to mix a smooth batter!