Free Phil Factor eBook: Confessions of an IT Manager

Download a 108-page eBook in which Phil tells all on a career spent in the rough-and-tumble of the IT industry. It's FREE for registered users!

The software industry is, just occasionally, more absurd than one would dare to imagine. Having spent most of his working life in its clutches, Phil Factor has pretty much “seen it all” and what’s more, here, in his “Confessions of an IT Manager“, he’s prepared to tell what he knows.

From IT projects that have trampled all over the guiding principles of successful development, to tips on training your manager to the required standard, each of Phil’s tales is shot through with a wild seam of anarchic humour. And yet, in each case, the humor is just a sugar coating for a pill of sage advice, wrought from years of rough-and-tumble in the IT industry.

You can download the book, without any further form-filling or ado, by simply clicking the link below (just as a quick word of warning to anyone on dial-up: it’s a 4MB file):


Confessions of an IT Manager (free download)

Alternatively, if you want the good, old-fashioned paper version, you can buy it from for $25.