The State of SQL Server Monitoring 2019

UPDATE: Read the full report here.

Recently, over 800 participants across a range of sectors and from all around the globe took part in a survey about the state of SQL Server monitoring. This survey from Redgate Software is the only one of its kind and is in its second year. Here are some significant findings:

  • Estates are continuing to grow
  • Migrations are predicted to be the biggest challenge facing database professionals this year
  • Adoption of cloud technologies is increasing
  • Redgate’s SQL Server Monitor is the most popular third-party tool

The free report will be available on 25th June. Be sure to join industry experts Grant Fritchey, Chris Yates, Annette Allen, and Tony Maddonna as they discuss key findings.

Monitoring SQL Server is critical for performance and security, and this report sheds light on the trends and challenges facing organisations in 2019.