The Legend of the Filtered Index

Once upon a time there was a big and bulky twenty-nine million row table. He tempestuously hoarded data like a maddened shopper amid a clearance sale. Despite his leviathan nature and eager appetite he loved to share his treasures. Multitudes from all around would embark upon an epiphanous journey to sample contents of his mythical purse of knowledge.

After a long day of performing countless table scans the table was overcome with fatigue. After a short period of unavailability, he decided that he needed to consider a new way to share his prized possessions in a more efficient manner. Thus, a non-clustered index was born. She dutifully directed the pilgrims that sought the table’s data – no longer would those despicable table scans darken the doorsteps of this quaint village. and yet, the table’s veracious appetite did not wane.

Any bit or byte that wondered near him was consumed with vigor. His columns and rows continued to expand beyond the expectations of even the most liberal estimation. As his rows grew grander they became more difficult to organize and maintain. The once bright and cheerful disposition of the non-clustered index began to dim. The wait time for those who sought the table’s treasures began to increase. Some of those who came to nibble upon the banquet of knowledge even timed-out and never realized their aspired enlightenment. After a period of heart-wrenching introspection, the table decided to drop the index and attempt another solution.

At the darkest hour of the table’s desperation came a grand flash of light. As his eyes regained their vision there stood several creatures who looked very similar to his former, beloved, non-clustered index. They all spoke in unison as they introduced themselves: “Fear not, for we come to organize your data and direct those who seek to partake in it. We are the filtered index.” Immediately, the filtered indexes began to scurry about. One took control of the past quarter’s data. Another took control of the previous quarter’s data. All of the remaining filtered indexes followed suit. As the nearly gluttonous habits of the table scaled forward more filtered indexes appeared. Regardless of the table’s size, all of the eagerly awaiting data seekers were delivered data as quickly as a Jimmy John’s sandwich. The table was moved to tears. All in the land of data rejoiced and all lived happily ever after, at least until the next data challenge crept from the fearsome cave of the unknown.

The End.