Analyzing and Troubleshooting Oracle Parallel Execution

  Watch video The video above is accompanied by the following resources: Analysing and Troubleshooting Parallel Execution presentation slides (.pdf) Further reading: Calculating Parameter Values for Parallelism Auto DOP and Concurrency Auto DOP and Queuing Parameter Settings Auto DOP and Parallel Statement Queuing Workload Management – Statement Queuing Workload Management – A Simple (but real) Example Parallel_degree_limit hierarchy – CPU,


The video above is accompanied by the following resources:

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Oracle parallel execution, a feature of the Enterprise Edition, allows you to automatically distribute the processing of a SQL statement execution among multiple worker processes. This requires additional effort when analyzing and troubleshooting such parallel executions, since it adds complexity that is simply not there with normal serial execution where only a single process is involved.

This webinar will explain what these additional challenges are and how these can be approached.

A live Q&A session with Randolf Geist follows the presentation, if you would like to ask a question that wasn’t covered in this please add a comment below.