Shel Burkow

Shel Burkow has experience with user interface, middleware and backend design and development. He started with C, then progressed into object-oriented programming with C++ and C#. Along the way, his interests and practice expanded to include relational databases, especially SQL Server. More recently he has worked with NoSQL, particularly Cassandra. His other passions include functional programming and Scala with API development and even a little Spark. You can reach him at

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05 September 2016
05 September 2016

In-Memory OLTP: Row Visibility in SQL Server’s MVCC

SQL Server's In-memory OLTP is fast, due to its multi-valued concurrency control (MVCC). MVCC avoids the need for locks by arranging for each user connected to the database to see a snapshot of the rows of the tables at a point in time, No changes made by the user will be seen by other users of the database until the changes have been completed and committed. It is conceptually simple but does the user always see the correct version of a row under all circumstances? Shel Burkow explains.… Read more