Henrietta Dombrovskaya

Henrietta (Hettie) Dombrovskaya is a database researcher and practitioner who fell in love with databases in 1983 and never looked back. After working with all imaginable and unimaginable databases in all possible industries, she finally gave her heart to PostgreSQL in 2011. Currently, she is a Data Architect at DRW (Chicago, IL) and a local organizer of the Chicago PostgeSQL User Group. She holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, loves teaching, and authored a book "PostgreSQL Query Optimization."

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09 October 2023
09 October 2023

PostgreSQL Indexes: What They Are and How They Help

In the previous blog in this series, we learned how to produce, read and interpret execution plans. We learned that an execution plan provides information about access methods, which PostgreSQL use to select records from a database. Specifically, we observed that in some cases PostgreSQL used sequential scan, and in some cases index-based access. It … Read more

When PostgreSQL Parameter Tuning is not the Answer

So much about parameters tuning, but does it always help? Welcome to the third and final blog of the “magic of parameters” series. In two previous blogs, we discussed how tuning PostgreSQL parameters could help improve overall system performance. However, the very first paragraph of the very first blog on this topic stated that:  Although some … Read more

Uncovering the mysteries of PostgreSQL (auto) vacuum

Welcome to the second blog of the “magic of parameters” series. In the first entry, I covered memory parameters, and in this article. In this article will talk about PostgreSQL configuration parameters which manage the (auto)vacuum and (auto)analyze background processes. Why vacuuming is necessary? Before we start talking about vacuum and analyze-related parameters, we need … Read more

Are PostgreSQL memory parameters magic?

Configuration parameters are the most mythical creatures in the world of PostgreSQL. Ordinary PostgreSQL users often do not know that PostgreSQL configuration parameters exist, let alone what they are and what they mean. There is a good reason for such ignorance since, in real life, ordinary users don’t have any say in how these parameters … Read more